This is a fact, there are large numbers of shortages skills in Canada and provinces. There are thousands of Work Permits available for Skilled and Semi-Skilled Migrants and Workers from around the world who are planning to migrate to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis.

Before you can get a work Permit to Canada, such applicant must secure a Canada employment first and this employment or Canada job offer must be certified by the Human Resource Development of Canada. Once this is done, a Temporary Canadian Work Permit will be issued to the applicant which is usually valid for one or two years.

Most of the occupations that are receiving job offers from Canadian companies are following:

For the other related occupations in demand for Canada Work Permit, you can contact Permits and Visas’ Immigration Consultants. If you are interested in working in Canada under a Work Permit, you can fill up the Free Assessment Form below or from the right side of this page and as soon as our Immigration Consultants check your request, we will contact you for an initial free visa consultation to know if you are eligible for a Canadian Work Permit.

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