Dubai, USA and Canada tops the list of countries for emigrating Africans. Aside the beauty and beautiful environment of Dubai, the growing labor market and ever booming economy is a major reason Africans are all throng to Dubai.

Dubai like USA or Canada has flexible immigration policies, and is a haven for skilled and unskilled workers and tourist and the prospect of getting a good job and earning fat wages is enormous. If you are wondering how to start, here is a good article that shows you everything you need to get you ready.

5 Easy Steps to Get Jobs in Dubai

5 >1. Get The Right Visa to Dubai

You will need a work visa if you are planning to work in Dubai, if you have a job offer from a Dubai company your employers help speed up the process.

It is easy to enter the emirate with a tourist or visitor Visa for your job search and then transfer your visa status once you have found employment.

Note: While tourist visa are easy way to enter the country in order to perform your job search, once you find employment it is very important you get a work.
If you are caught working on a tourist visa you can be jailed or fined or worst deported.